World Table Tennis Championships – Men And Women’s Championships

World Table Tennis Championships

History is full of champions. Everyone wanted to know about the world table tennis championships. The history of table tennis took us to the 1800s, but the actual table tennis was started in 1926, and the first game was also played in 1926 in England.

However, Hungarian Roland Jacobi took the men’s singles title first in 1926 by beating the other Hungarian Zoltan Mechlovits in the finals as European players selected as a championship.

Moreover, after that, the world table tennis championships then held in 1939, but unfortunately, the world war prevents it from playing in 1940 and prevented it till the next six years.

After that, the recommended year was 1947, and again it has become the annual event until 1957. However, at the world table tennis championships annual general meeting in Tokyo, Japan in 1956, ITTF vote for it to become the biennial event.

Above all, after the changes in the 1957 event in Stockholm, Sweden, and they also make sure that it will not make a clash with the Olympics or other sports.

As time passes, in 2000, there were a lot of players who were taking part in these, so it was decided to take two different competitions. So, they decided to take competition in singles and double it built more interest of the players and the audience.

So, let’s take a look at the list of players who have been in the World table tennis championships.

World Table Tennis Championships – Men’s Singles:

You will be surprised to know that the firsts world championships for men-singles has been played in 1926 and in this year 64 men has participated. However, the list of those players has mentioned below:


Year City Winner Association Runner up  Association
2019 Budapest MA,long China FALCK,Mattias Sweden
2017 Dusseldorf MA,long China FAN, Zhendong China
2015 Suzhou MA,long China FANG, Bo China
2013 Paris ZHANG,jike China WANG, Hao China
2011 Rotterdam ZHANG,jike China WANG, Hao China
2009 Yokohama WANG,Hao China WANG, liqin China
2007 Zagreb WANG, likin China MA, Lin China
2005 Shanghai WANG,liqin China Ma, Lin China
2003 Paris Schlager, Werner Austria Joo, Se hyuk South korea
2001 Osaka WANG,liqin China Kong, linghui China



LIU, Guoliang


Ma, Lin


1997 Manchester WALDNER, Jan-Ove Sweden Samsonov, vladimir Belarus
1995 Tianjin KONG, lingui China Liu, Guoliang China
1993 Gothenburg GATIEN, Jean-Philippe France Saive,jean-michel Belgium
1991 Chiba city Person-Jorgen Sweden Waldner, Jan-Ove Sweden
1989 Dortmund WALDNER, Jan-Ove Sweden Persson, Jorgen Sweden
1987 New Delhi Jiang, Jialiang China Waldner, Jan-Ove Sweden
1985 Gothenburg Jiang, Jialiang China Chen, Longcan China
1983 Tokyo Guo, Yuehua/Kuo, yao-hua China Cai,Zhenhua China
1981 Novi Sad Guo, Yuehua/Kuo, yao-hua China Cai,Zhenhua China
1979 Pyongyang ONO,Seiji Japan Guo, Yeuhua/Kuo,yao-hua china
1977 Birmingham Kohno, Mitsuru Japan Guo, Yeuhua/Kuo,yao-hua China
1975 Calcutta Jonyer, Istvan Hungary STIPANCIC, Anton Yugoslabia
1973 Sarajevo HIS, EN-Ting China Johansson, Kjell Sweden
1971 Nagoya Bengtsson, Stellan Sweden Itoh, shigeo Japan
1969 Munich Itoh,Shigeo Japan Scholer, Eberhard Fed.Rep. Germany
1967 Stockholm Hasegawa, Nobuhiko Japan Kohno, Mitsuru Japan
1965 Ljublijana Chuang, Tse-Tung China Li, Fu-Jung China
1963 Prague Chuang, Tse-Tung China Li, Fu-Jung China
1961 Beijing Chuang, Tse-Tung China Li, Fu-Jung China
1959 Dortmund JUNG, Kuo-Tuang China Sido,Ferenc Hngary
1957 Stockholm Tanaka, Toshiaki Japan Ogimura, Ichiro Japan
1956 Tokyo Ogimura, Ichiro Japan Tanaka, Toshiaki Japan
1955 Utrecht Tanaka, Toshiaki Japan Dolinar, Zarko Yugoslavia
1954 London Ogimura, ichiro Japan Flisberg, tage Sweden
1953 Bucharest Sido, Ferenc Hungary Andreadis, Ivan Czechoslovakia
1952 Bombay Satoh, Hiroji Japan Koczian, Jozsef Sweden
1951 Vienna Leach, Johnny England Andreadis, Ivan Czechoslovakia
1950 Budapest Bergmann, Richard England Soos, Ferenc Hungary
1949 Stockholm Leach, Johnny England Vana, Bohumil Czechoslovakia
1948 London Bergmann, Richard England Vana, Bohumil Czechoslovakia



Vana, Bohumil


Sido, Fereng


1939 Cairo Bergmann, Richard England Ehrlich, Aloizy France
1938 London Vana, Bohumil Czechoslovakia Ehrlich, Aloizy France
1937 Baden Bergmann, Richard England Bergmann, Richard England
1936 Prague Kolar, Stanislav Czechoslovakia Ehrlich, Aloizy France
1935 London Barna, Victor Hungary Sazabados, MIklos Hungary
1934 Paris Barna, Victor Hungary Bellak, Laszlo Hungary
1933 Baden Barna, Victor Hungary Kolar, Stainlav Czechoslovakia
1932 Prague Barna, Victor Hungary Sazabados, MIklos Hungary
1931 Budapest Szabados, miklos Hungary Barana victor Hungary
1930 Berlin Barna, Victor Hungary Bellak laszlo Hungary
1929 budapest Perry,fred England Sazabados, MIklos Hungary
1928 Stockholm Mechlovits, Zoltan Hungary Bellak, laszlo Hungary
1926 London Jacobi, Roland Hungary Mechlovitis, Zoltan Hungary

World Table Tennis Championships Women’s Single:

Now its time to take a look at the women’s singles championships:

Year City Winner Association Runner- up Association
2019 Budapest Liu, Schiwen China Chen, Meng China
2017 Dusseldorf Ding, Ning China Zhu, yelling China
2015 Suzhou Ding, Ning china Liu, Schiwen china
2013 Paris Li, Xiaoxia China Liu, Schiwen China
2011 Rotterdam Ding, Ning China Lia, Xiaoxia China
2009 Yokohama Zhang, Yining China Guo, Yue China
2007 Zagreb Guo, Yue China Lia, Xiaoxia China
2005 Shanghai Zhang, Yining China Guo, yan China
2003 Paris Wang, Nan China Zhang, Yining China
2001 Osaka Wang, Nan China Lin, Ling Hong Kong



Wang, Nan


Zhang, Yining


1997 Manchester Deng, Yaping China Wang, Nan China
1995 Tianjian Dang, Yaping China Qiao, Hong China
1993 Gothenburg Hyun, Jung Hwa South Korea Chen, Jing Chinese Taipei
1991 Chiba City Deng, Yaping China Li, Bunhui North Korea
1989 Dortmund Qiao, Hong `China Li, Bunhui North Korea
1987 New Delhi Koyama, Chire he zhili Japan Yang, Young Ja Korea
1981 Novi Sad Tong, ling China Cao, Yanhua China
1879 Piyongiyang Ge, Xinai/ ke, Hsin-AI China Li, Song suk North Korea
1977 Birmingham Pak, Yong Sun North Korea Zhang, Li/ Chang, Li China
1975 Calcutta Pak, Yong Sun North Korea Zhang, Li/ Chang, Li China
1973 Sarajevo Hu, Yulan/Lin, Hui-Ching China Grofova- Chladkova, Alice Zechoslovakia
1971 Nagoya Lin, Huiqing/ Lin, Hui-Ching China Zheng, Minzhu/Cheng, Minchih China
1969 Munich Kowada, Toshiko Japan Geissler, Gabriele East Germany
1967 Stockholm Morisawa,Sachiko Japan Fukazu, Naoko Japan
1965 Ljubljana Fukazu,Naoko Japan Lin, Huiqing/ Lin, hui-ching China


1963 Prague Matesuzaki, Kimiyo Japan Alexandru-Golopanta

, Maria

1961 Beijing Qiu, Zhonghui/ Chiu, Chung-hui china Foldi-Koczian, Eva Hungry
1969 Dortmund Mstsuzaki,Kimiyo japan Eguchi, Fujie Japan
1957 Stockholm Eguchi, Fujie Japan Hydon, Ann England
1956 Tokyo Okada-okawa, tomie Japan Watanabe, Kuko Japan
1955 Utrecht Rozeanu-Adelstein, Angelica Romania


Rumpler-wertl, ermelinde Australia
1954 London Rozeanu-Adelstein, Angelica Romania Tanaka, Yoshiko Japan
1953 Bucharest Rozeanu-Adelstein, Angelica Romania Lantos-Gervai-Farkas, GIzella Hungary
1952 BOmbay Rozeanu-Adelstein, Angelica Romania Lantos-Gervai-Farkas, GIzella Hungary
1951 Vienna Rozeanu-Adelstein, Angelica Romania Lantos-Gervai-Farkas, GIzella Hungary
1950 Budhapest Rozeanu-Adelstein, Angelica Romania Lantos-Gervai-Farkas, GIzella Hungary
1949 Stockholm Lantos-Gervai-Farkas, GIzella Hungary Hruskova, Kveta Czechoslovakia
1948 London Lantos-Gervai-Farkas, GIzella Hungary Thomas-dace,vera England



Lantos-Gervai-Farkas, Gizella


Blackborne Elizabeth


1939 Cairo Pokorana-Depetrisova, Viasta Czechoslovakia Pritizi.Gertrude Australia
1938 London Pritizi.Gertrude Australia Pokorana-Depetrisova, Viasta Czechoslovakia
1936 Prague Aarons hughas, Ruth USA Horn-Hobohm-Krebsbach. Astrid Germany
1935 London Kettnerova, Marie Czechoslovakia Gal, Magda Hungary
1934 Paris Kettnerova, Marie Czechoslovakia Horn-Hobohm-Krebsbach. Astrid Germany
1933 Baden Sipos-Anna Hungary Medenyanszky, Maria Hungary
1932 Prague Sipos-Anna Hungary Medenyanszky, Maria Hungary
1931 Budapest Mednyanszky.Maria Hungary Muller-ruster, Mona Germany
1930 Berlin Mednyanszky.Maria Hungary Sipos, Anna Hungary
1929 Budapest Mednyanszky.Maria Hungary Wiliam, Gertrude Australia
1928 Stockholm Mednyanszky.Maria Hungary Metzger, Erika Germany
1926 London Mednyanszky.Maria Hungary Evans-gubbins, Doris Wales

Who is The Current Table Tennis World Champion?

However, as I have mentioned above in the table the world table tennis championships in women go to Liu, Schiwen from China, and in men goes to MA, Long from China.

Where Was The First World Table Tennis Championship Held?

According to history, the first world table tennis championship was held in London from December 6 to December 11, 1926.

Which Country Has Won Most of The National Titles in The 20th Century in Table Tennis?

However, most of the national titles in 20th-century china have won most titles.

Who Won The First Table Tennis World Cup?

The first world cup was held in 1980, the winner of the world cup was Guo Yuehua from china.


In conclusion, we have talked about some world table tennis championships. However, we have discussed some of the champions with years in which they won the competitions.

Moreover, there are many of the matches which have held over the years. However, it is worth taking that they won the match.

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