Where Did Ping-pong Originate?

Where Did Ping-pong Originate

First of all, people asked about where did ping-pong originate? Ping-Pong, also known as Table Tennis or whiff-whaff is a game in which two or four players hit a light-weight ball back and forth across the table by using small rackets.

However,  It is played on a table which is divided equally into two parts by a net. The Ping Pong game is more like a lawn tennis game that is played in most countries of the world.

Where Did Ping-Pong Originate?

The game started in the late 1880s. Ping-Pong was first played at home by the upper families as an alternative to lawn tennis to avoid cold in winter. It is believed that in the early days, a row of books was used in the center of the table as a net while two other books were used as a racket to strike a golf ball across the table. Very soon, this new game ping pong got popular across the people and the manufacturers started selling its equipment commercially.

Later in 1901, a British manufacturer J.Jaquestrademarked it by the name “Ping-Pong”. After that, J.Jaques sold the trademark rights to the Parker brothers. But some manufacturers still kept referring to it as table tennis, probably to avoid infringement. you might get your answer about where did ping-pong originate?

Table Tennis in Today’s World From Where Did Ping-Pong Originate?

Unlike the past, when the game was played on the dining tables using champagne corks as balls and books as rackets, table tennis is now played with more advanced balls and paddles. Today, the sport is very well established in most countries of the world and is growing each year. According to ITTF, an audience of approximately 1 billion people has tuned in to watch the ITTF’s key events during 2018 and it is really great audience.

Currently, around 300 million people play table tennis every year. According to the International Sports Federation figures, table tennis is the second most participated sport in the world.

Although the game has changed over the years, the basics are still the same. The ITTF strongly believes that instead of new technologies, the game should be a competition of human skills.

Ping-Pong as Table Tennis 

When J.Jaques trademarked the name “Ping-Pong” worldwide, the manufacturers started referring to the game as Table Tennis to avoid any infringement strikes. Many people still consider that where did ping-pong Originate and table tennis are two different sports, but in fact, they are two names of the same sport which are used interchangeably.

The Popularity of Ping-Pong as Where Did Ping-Pong Originate?

In 1901, the ping pong game got so popular among the players that tournaments were being organized where more than 300 players used to participate.

Early Equipment

The equipment players are using these days has evolved over100 the years. The table tennis equipment we use today is very different from the one being used in the late 80s. So that time, people used different materials to play this new indoor game. It is believed that in the early days, books were used as the net between the table and cigar box lids to hit the ball from another side of the table.

Early Ping-Pong Tables

The dining tables or billiard boards were being used for playing where did ping-pong originate. The British army in India would use the books between the tables as nets, more books as rackets. And then use a golf ball to play Ping Pong in the early days.

Early Ping-Pong Paddles

In the early stages, when the game was only famous among residents of Britain, cigar box lids, and sometimes books were used as rackets to play the game. Later on, the pieces of parchment stretched upon a frame took their place.

In the 1950s, a rubber sheet that was combined with an underlying sponge layer was introduced as the new paddle for the game which changed the game to a great extent. This new paddle enabled the players to achieve great spin and speed.

Early Ping Pong Balls

Different materials like champagne corks and rubbers were used as Ping-Pong balls back in the late ’80s. These materials were not ideal for playing the game as their bouncing off of the table was quite unpredictable. The rubber balls would bounce too much while the cork balls were the opposite.

In 1901, James Gibb discovered celluloid balls when he was on a trip to the US and found them ideal for the game.

After the 2000 Summer Olympics, a new 40 mm ball was introduced. Recently in 2014, the ITTF announced a new poly material ball to replace the previously used celluloid ball.

Foundation of ITTF

The Table Tennis Association was founded in 1921 which was followed by the foundation of theInternational Table Tennis Federation in 1926. In the same year, the first official World’s Championship was hosted by London. The USA Table Tennis, previously known as The United States Table Tennis Association was formed in 1933.

World Championships

In 1902, the first unofficial world championship was held. After the foundation of ITTF, the first official world championships were held in 1926 and were hosted by London. Seven nations participated in the tournament and Dr.Jacobi, a Hungarian player succeeded in winning the championship. The world championships have been held every 2 years since 1926.

In 1921, a new Table Tennis Association was formed which was later renamed the English Table Tennis Association in 1927. The ETTA had a membership of 19 leagues at that time.

In 1997, as many as 101 nations took part in the world championships considering the increase in popularity and world-wide acceptance of the game.

Dominant Nations

At the start of the world championships, the men’s team of Hungary was a very dominant team. Japan took its place for a short time in the 1950s. China emerged as the new dominant team in the 1960s and except for 1989-2000, when Sweden won four-time, China continues to rule the game. The men’s team of China has won the most number of championship titles (20) so far.

In the 1950s, Japan’s women team was a very dominant team with winning a total of 8 titles. The Chinese women overtook their place from the 1970s onwards. They have lost only two times since 1975. China’s women’s team holds a record of 21 women’s team championship titles.

World Cups

The table tennis world cup has been held every year in October since 1980. There had been only men’s singles until the initiation of team competitions in 1990 and women’s singles in 1996. The competitions are organized by ITTF.

Dominant Nations

China stays on top of the list in the table tennis World Cups with 10 victories in the Men’s World Team and 11 in the Women’s World Team since 1990.

The Entry of Table Tennis in the Olympics

Ping-pong (table tennis) was recognized as an Olympic sport when it got its entry in the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. Both men and women participated in the singles and doubles tournaments.

Dominant Nations

China has been the most dominant nation in the Olympic table tennis with 53 medals which includes 28 gold, 17 silver, and 8 bronze medals followed by South Korea. However,  in the overall medal count with a total of 18 medals which are really good. They include 3 gold, 3 silver, and 12 bronze medals.

Changes in the Game

The ITTF made several changes in the game after the 2000 Olympics to make table tennis more prominent as a televised spectator sport. In order to increase the ball’s resistance, ITTF introduced 40 mm balls in October 2000 to replace the previously used 30 mm balls. This replacement turned out to be an effective way to slow down the game and made it easy to watch on televisions.

In September 2001, the ITTF changed the scoring system from 21-point to 11-point to make the games more fast-paced and exciting. The server rotation was also reduced from five to two.


Where Did The Name Ping Pong Come From?

The name ping pong derived from “ping pong Qiu” in Mardin Chinese which translates literally to the ping pong ball. However, you can say that ping pong in Mardin Chinese is sports.

Who Invented The Ping Pong?

What if I say that the name ping pong was invented by the firm j. Jaques and son at the end of the 1800s and then trademark in the United States by the Parker Brothers.

Is ping pong A Chinese Sport?

However, the first thing that comes in the mind is that the name is Chinese so the sports, table tennis, did not originate in chins.

Did Tennis or Ping Pong Come First?

Above all, did you know that tennis is slightly older than ping pong? Tennis was originated in England in 1850 – 1860. However, where did ping-pong originate? it was originated infirm.

Who is The World’s Best Ping Pong Player?

Jan-Ove- Waldner is the world’s best ping pong player.

Which Country is The Best in Table Tennis?

  • Firstly, china which has round about 85.7
  • secondly, USA basketball has round about 78.5
  • Thirdly, USA in Softball which is aj 75.0
  • in the end, china in diving is 72.7

To make it easy for the player to realize service is taking place, the ITTF changed the rules on service in 2002 and made it compulsory for the players to toss the ball a minimum of 16 centimeters (6.3 in) in the air.

In 2014, the ITTF announced a new poly material ball to replace the previously used celluloid ball.


In conclusion, I would say that you have knowledge about all the history of where did ping-pong originate? When and why it was originated and how it helps today’s life. Here are also some frequently asked that I have answered

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