What Is The Difference Between Ping pong And Table Tennis?

What Is The Difference Between Ping pong And Table Tennis

At the start, Table Tennis or Ping pong was the same sport. But now there are minor differences in both sports. They are two different sports. Ping pong is no longer an Informal American title of game Table Tennis. Here is a brief summary of Table Tennis versus Ping pong.

Nobody can differentiate between Table Tennis and Ping pong without any specific knowledge about the styles, rules, and equipment.

Why Table Tennis Is Known As Ping Pong?

Some people posted that Ping pong is the same as Table Tennis but it is no longer true, there is a minor difference.

Ping pong is a trademark name of the popular name Table Tennis. In 1901, John Jacques registers Ping pong as a game in England, then they sold it to Parker Brothers. Ping pong is also known as ‘’Whiff-Whaff’’ but it was considered a funny name.


Before 2011:

Before 2011, Ping pong and Table Tennis were the same. Some recreational players use to play Ping pong and Table Tennis in the basement. But the non-professional players consider Ping pong as a fun and hobby. On the other hand, professional players called it Table Tennis and consider it as a sport.

After 2011:

But right after 2011 and till now, Ping pong and Table Tennis are not the same.

Table Tennis Versus Ping Pong:

  • Table Tennis is a formal sport with a competitive spirit as Table Tennis played professionally on an international or national level.
  • Ping pong is an informal sport and plays as a hobby or with family members as Ping pong is played just for fun and entertainment.

What Is The Difference Between Ping pong And Table Tennis:

Table Tennis versus Ping pong can be renowned on the basis of certain factors.

For example rules, bats, paddles, table, style of play, the speed of play, nature of playing, etc.

Ping Pong Table Tennis
Trademarked No Yes
Type of service Many Little
Olympics sport Yes No
World Championship Yes Yes
Amount of spin Very high low
Speed Very high Medium slow
Types of paddles Yes No
Rules flexibility No Yes
Grand slam players 5 0
Point per match 11 15
Game type Professional Non-professional

 Comparison Between Ping Pong And Table Tennis: 

·      Ping Pong or Table Tennis Rules:

Although there is a huge difference between Ping pong and Table Tennis these can be only spotted by a person when he watches the World Championship of Ping pong because the difference is not official.

In Ping pong, the game is of 15 points the one who scores 15 points first will win the game. On the other hand, in Table Tennis, the game is 11 points and the winner needs a margin of 2 points to win. Every player gets 2 serves in Table Tennis and then it moved to another player. But in Ping pong, there is not so in the game.

In Table Tennis, orange and white skirts or pants are not allowed because the ball color is orange or white and this can lead to the other player not being able to see the ball clearly.

·       Game Pattern Ping Pong or Table Tennis:

In the total seven games of Table Tennis, the best 11 points are played by the player. While in the three games of Ping pong, 15 points are played and the 14 all is a winning point.

One major difference is the pattern of throwing the ball. In Table Tennis, the ball is thrown by the height of 6 inches with an open hand while in Ping pong there are no specific rules, in this the game is informal.

·         Ping Pong or Table Tennis Championships:

At the start, there were various unofficial matches of Ping pong but the official Table Tennis championship was played after 24 years of its development. A number of championships were played between men and women. There are single matches of women and men and also dual matches of both the gender were held.

At that time, almost 140 countries are members of the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation)

·         Ping Pong or Table Tennis Paddle:

Any type of customized paddle can be used in Table Tennis while in Ping pong only blue sandpaper bats are used. In Table Tennis paddle’s surface, one side must be hard and the other side must be soft side so that game will play easily.

·         Ping Pong or Table Tennis Ball:

The ball use in ping is relatively bigger than the ball of Table Tennis. The diameter of the Ping pong ball is 3.7 mm on the other handball of Table Tennis has a diameter of 3.4 mm.

Common Questions

Q: Why is Table Tennis called Ping pong?

Ans. Ping pong is in present for years but due to trademark issues then Ping pong is not registered with the ITTF so then it was given the name Table Tennis.

Q: What types of paddles are used in Ping pong or Table Tennis?

Ans. In Ping pong, blue sandpaper paddles are used while in Table Tennis any customized paddles are used.

Q: How can we categorize Table Tennis and Ping pong to the first-time explorer?

Ans. We can categorize Table Tennis as a formal game and Ping pong as an informal or non-professional game.


So, its time to conclude all the detail; let’s start with the size. So, the size of tables in both sports is the same but the size of paddles or balls is different. The rules of both games are also different. Some people said that Ping pong is another name for Table Tennis.

But the word Table Tennis shows the seriousness of the game. So, there is a difference between both these games so make yourself clear about Ping pong and Table Tennis.

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