What is A Walkover in Tennis?

What is A Walkover in Tennis

You might be thinking about what is a walkover in tennis? There are a lot of people who have been asked for It. We are here to provide you a simple answer which will remove all of your difficulties.

What is A Walkover in Tennis

However, there are possibilities that you have observed in the world of sport the word initials “WO” in any kind of tournaments or championships. Moreover, it is mostly used in widespread table tennis tournaments.

However, it is not a simple word it has an abbreviation which is “Walkover”. It means that one of the participants does not arrive for the tournament. It can be any reason for not showing up. Let’s talk about the history of the walkover.

However, the origin of the walkover is from classic British horse races, in that case, the horse has to walk over the whole track to be considered a winner. Moreover, other sports were adopting this point and using it already all over the world.

However, ping pong is the sport that used is most only because it is an individual sport that has a large number of participants in the tournament. So, with a large number of participants and games, every season walkover is used to let the other participant win if one of the competitors does not show up.

There are a lot of things like that happened in history that many of the competitors do not show up and the other participant wins the match.

What Does Walkover Mean?

However, it means simple. When the player does not arrive at the court of play in table tennis the other player considered to be the winner.  It happens because it is the game of two players, therefore, the other player cannot be replaced or the match cannot be changed to alter the day.

The player does not arrive it can be some serious injuries or physical damage. If both players have arrived then there will be no walkover.

How Do You Do A Walkover?

Firstly, you need to start with the same exercises as you were doing to begin learning the walkover and bridge. You need to do that with one foot lifted.

Secondly, you need to raise your one leg as high as possible and then push up to a bridge. Thirdly, you need to work up to a position where you would raise your leg, this is to point the ceiling directly.

However, this will help you to maintain balance with one leg and one hand. Moreover, it will also help to enhance your flexibility as well. What you need to do is to practice raising your legs.

Although you can use the same leg to support yourself to step forward regularly, you can still perform this exercise in many ways. You can also try a walkover limber. However, it is basically two feet crossing on a barrel mat or with a spotter.

It started with your arm stretched to above your head then sprint forward and sprig into a handstand. You can use your barrel mat or spotter to support your legs. You can end this by bridge position at this point.

The next step is the tricky part. You need to push away your hands, transfer all the weight of your body to your feet. Now, you need to stand up slowly. As I have mentioned above, you can use the barrel pads or spotter to support your back.

How Do You Do A Back Walkover?

However, the back walkover is a classic gymnastics movement. You already know that what is a walkover in tennis. It is the catalyst for compound rolling techniques like backflips. Therefore, the gymnast must first master the standing backbends and kick overs before performing a more complex walk.

Moreover, it would help you if you have a strong and flexible back as well as shoulders. You should also practice the back walkover in the company of a qualified gymnastics coach.

Whenever you gain the strength and abilities during exercise you need to ask the coach to spot you by supporting your back or lifting your working legs.

Moreover, I need to tell you that if you are working on how to do a back walkover you should also perform 5- 10 or 15 minutes of aerobic exercises, such as cycling, skipping rope or jogging, etc to warm up. You could also perform few minutes of weightlifting exercises such as push-ups, and many other exercises.

To-Do The Backward Walkover:

  • Firstly, you need to stand tall with your shoulders, hips as well as ankles in a straight line.
  • Secondly, you need to extend your arms above your head and align your upper arms with your ears.
  • Thirdly, you need to contract your abdomen then lift your chest slightly and slide your shoulders back.

Next point is to point your toes forward and straighten up with one leg. However, keep your feet straight as you can straighten them. Moreover, when you are arching your back then stretch your body and begin to bend backward.

When you reach the floor behind your standing leg then push your hips forward slightly. You need to let raise your leg to extend towards the ceiling. You need to focus your eyes on your hands this will help you keep your head neutral too.

The next step is to perform the reverse split by pressing one hand on the ground and raising the standing or foundation leg. So, you can make it parallel to the floor in front of the body. At the same time, the first leg should drop this to the level parallel to the floor behind the body.

However, the legs should then form a straight line from your foot to foot. Make sure you need to keep the abdomen fixed. You get the answer to your question, what is a walkover in tennis.


Does A Walkover Count As A Win Or Loss?

If I say this won’t be a win or loss then it will not false. A walkover just happens when the opponent did not come in the tournaments.

What Is Won By Walkover?

It awarded the victory when the opponent did not come due to some physical or health issues. The opponent will get a walkover and considered the winner.


In conclusion, I would say that you need to take a look at this article. I hope you might be able to get your answer to the question. you may know that what is a walkover in tennis. However, this is not a victory or a loss. This just happens when the opponent did not come to the tournament.

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