What Are The Dimensions of A Ping Pong Table?

What Are The Dimensions of A Ping Pong Table

Ping pong is an Olympic game that attracts many people who belong to different countries. When Ping pong played as an official game so the official standard of the table’s size is also set. On the other hand, when Ping pong played recreational or played on a low level, the standards are a little different or there can be many other options. The dimension of the Ping pong table must be known.

In this article, we cover all the standards and requirements for both official and recreational Ping pong tables. All the requirements and accessories are available in stores. So, if you plan to buy one or already selected one but are not sure about the standard size.

 So, the standard size is: 
 mm: cm: feet:  inches:
 Length is  2740 mm Length is 274 cm The length is 9.0 ft.  Length is 107.87 inches
The width is 1525 mm Width is 152.5 cm The width is 5.0 ft. The width is 60.0 inches
 The Height is 760 mm The Height is 76 cm The height is  2.5 ft. The Height is 29.92 inches
 The Net Height is 152.5 mm The Net Height is 15.25 cm The Net Height is 0.5 ft. The Net-Height is 6.0 inches

What Are The Dimensions of A Ping Pong Table?

So, if we are talking about the dimension for the standard Ping pong table. When we talk about the official table tennis table, the size- length, width, and height as per the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) are:

  • The length of the table should be 2.74 m
  • The width should be 1.525 m
  • Official height should be 76 cm

Ping Pong Table Size:

Ping pong is available in two sizes:

1) Standard Size

2) Non-Standard Size Or Recreational Size

 Standard size table: 

The standard size table used in international matches, and local tournaments or especially Olympics matches. On the international level, the dimensions of the table are set by the ITTF, ITTF is the international supreme body that handles all the affairs regarding sports of Ping pong or Table tennis

 Detail Specification:

1) The Dimension Of The Ping Pong Table:

A standard dimension of the Ping pong table is rectangular or size is about 2.74m long, 1.525m wide, and 0.76m in height.

2) Markings On The Table:

Two lines are drawn on the Ping pong table, one is a sideline or the other is the end line. So, lines must be white because the table is in a dark color so the white color is prominent on the table. A white sideline is about 2cm in width which runs across by the length of the table or a white end line is also 2cm in width but with the width of the table.

So, for double games, add a white line of 3 mm wide which is parallel to the sideline and runs on the center of the table. It divides the table into equal halves.

3) Net:

So, A net divides the playing area into two equal parts. The net height should be 15.25 cm and it must be above the playing surface. The net color should be light.

4) Color Of The Ping Pong:

There is no real restriction on the color of the table but it must be dark in color like dark green or blue. Dark colors should improve ball visibility on the table.

5) The Thickness Of The Table:

So, the International tournaments played on 25mm thick tables and as per ITTF rules, there must continuity in the making of a table, and no joints are visible on the table.

6) Table Material:

The Ping pong table generally made of wood.

7) Weight:

There is no restriction on the weight of the table but the tables use in international tournaments are 300 pounds plus.

The Non-Standard Or Recreational Size:

Moreover, non-standard size tables are also named recreational tables. So, non-standard tables are used when there is a space problem. If you don’t have enough space to set a full-size table so don’t worry a compact size or ¾ size table is the best alternative option for you.

There is no standard size for these tables and it depends on the manufacturer that which size they prefer. However, these kinds of mini tables are ideal for fun to play with family and friends. Generally, the table is 6ft. in length or 3ft. in width and 2.5 ft. high.

So, The table is perfect for beginners who just start playing the game. But when you get trained, this table is not for you then because it won’t help you in making a perfect player, the main issue is the size and the ball’s bounce.

On the other hand, you can also convert your pool table using a Ping pong conversion topper. So, We suggest you go for a standard size table if you don’t have a space problem.


All the aspects are discussed above, all the dimensions are written in detail. So, when we talk about the standard size, it must be the length of 9 feet and a width of 5 feet with a height of 2.49 feet.

If you have these dimensions you will easily become Pro-player. Before buying you are recommended to check all the things and sizes of the table.

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