What Are Ping Pong Tables Made Of?

What Are Ping Pong Tables Made Of

What are ping pong tables made of? This is the most asking question and it should be. However, if you are investing your money on the table then you should have knowledge about this thing. If I would invest in something then I am pretty sure that I will love to know about that it will be good for me or not or I am just wasting my money on this thing.

Moreover, Ping pong tables are the things on which we play. These are the entertainment things we should know about this if our table has not had good stuff then why should I waste my money on anything.

Ping Pong Table Material (What Are Ping Pong Tables Made Of?)

What will be the most important aspect of the table? It will be the table itself you can call it the board panel or surface or whatever you want. However, no one wanted them they have to buy an ordinary table for their gameplay.

Therefore, you will choose the table which has a smooth surface having good material on which the ball at least has good bounce. Moreover, the ball bouncing makes the interest in the game.

The material used in the tables of ping pong should be good. I will tell you that What are ping pong tables made of. However, the outdoor and indoor tables have their own specifications. The outdoor tables are made up of different material and indoor table are made up of different materials.

The outdoor tables are made up of table boards that can be fiberglass, plastic, and metal. Moreover, the indoor tables are made up of plywood, particleboard, or medium-density fiberboard.
Meanwhile, I am here to show you some good tables that are used mostly and having good quality materials. There will be mentioned what kind of material they are using.

Product Material
STIGA advantage

JOOLA inside 15

Kettler Champ 5.0

Stiga ST3100

Harvard edge table

Sportcraft Victory

This is made up of MDF

The table is made up of MDF

This is made up of Aluminum

It is made up of MDF

This is made up of MDF

Item is made up of MDF

The Thickness Of The Table:

When we talk about the material does the thickness of the table maters? Yes! The thickness of the table matters a lot. However, when you are playing ping pong then you like the gameplay in which the ball bounced.

Therefore, the thickness matters a lot. If your table has a thin surface then the ball will little bounce and if your table has a thick surface then your ball will bounce well.


One of the essential parts of the table is the frame of the table, if the frame of the table is weak the table will be shaky and wobbly and this makes this will lose interest in your gameplay.

The frame should be good especially for the ping pong. However, the stability of the table frame matters a lot. It maintains the gameplay and also builds the interest of the game and the players.

Therefore, you just need a table that has a stable surface and unstable like a rock that doesn’t move even for a little.


Moreover, you might be thinking about the undercarriage, Undercarriage is the one that supports the table board from the underside. However, the construction of this component should be durable that carry the weight of the table.

Those tables which are Inexpensive tables have aluminum undercarriage that supports well. However, this material might sound hard, but it is actually shaky wobbly for wearing off.

Moreover, it would be best if you are getting a table that has an undercarriage. Also, it is made up of heavy-steel tubing for unquestionable durability and stability.


However, you might think that there will be no effect of the legs on the gameplay or the table consistency, but it affects the game a lot. If the legs are a little shaky and inconsistent then it might ruin your whole gameplay.

Unfortunately, most people buy a table that has an inconsistent balance and they don’t even aware of that. Moreover, they buy the table with a high amount but they don’t know how to check the quality of the table.

However, you should choose the table which is made up of heavy gauge steel with a powder coating. This might help the table and gameplay to create interest.

Paint Type:

One of the important aspects of the table is painted too. It will keep the table un-harm and long-lasting. This factor elaborates the question of what are ping pong tables made of?

Painting of the table is not just to make it look beautiful, but it also the rule of the ITFF. Moreover, it is not all about the aesthetic and looks beautiful or by your choice.

Firstly, coloring the table is to make the surface of the table smooth and to make your ball bounce smoothly. If it is possible then you have to make the table smooth in the 60 degrees temperature and glossy enough to make sure that the ball will bounce correctly on the surface of the table.

Secondly, the standard color is green or blue or you can use them dark enough to make a good contrast. However, if you want suggestions in paint then you should know that the alkyd paint is common to paint that is used for the ping pong tables

This paint provides extra smoothness and gloss to the table. One more thing that you should remember that the legs of the table don’t need to be painted these is coated with heavy gauge steel.


What Kind Of Paint Is Used For The Ping Pong Table?

The alkyd paint is used for the ping pong table. However, this paint has gloss and as well as matte. It gives the table smoothness.

How Much Does it Cost To Build A Ping Pong Table 2021?

It depends on which type of material you are using for the table. Moreover, it will cost almost 200$ to 600$ if you want to build a good table.

What Is The Standard Height Of The Ping Pong Table?

However, the standard height of the ping pong table is 76 cm, but you can buy the size which you want.

What Are The Nets Made Of?

The net is simply made up of nylon mesh and cotton cloth.


In conclusion, I would say that the question which has been asked was What Are Ping Pong Tables Made Of? After reading this article you might be able to know the answer to your question.

I have included some questions here too that might help to know more things about ping pong.

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