How to Practice Ping Pong by Yourself?

How to Practice Ping Pong by Yourself

Although Ping pong is very easy to play for playing Ping pong we need players in pairs. One of the best ways to improve the Ping pong game is to hire a coach and the second-best way is to practice with another person like your siblings, friends, game partner, etc. but unfortunately, it will mostly happen, they are not always available when you need to practice Ping pong.

So, the option left behind is that you will practice Ping pong by yourself. Obviously, it will not effective but it will develop some of the skills in you without your partner. in this article, we will tell you Steps on how to practice ping pong by yourself.

Important Information:

If you wish to practice Ping pong by yourself on a table, then keep your strengths and weaknesses in mind. Keeping a record of what you are good at and at which point you need more practice and it will help you in becoming a good player.

So, without wasting your time let’s come straight to the point. In this article, we are going to discuss the steps that how to practice ping pong by yourself when you are alone, you just need to follow these steps.

Steps to Practice Ping Pong by Yourself:

• Shadow Play
• Service Practice
• Physical Training
• Ping pong Robot or Machine
• Watch Match or Training Videos
• Ping Pong Return Board

1. Shadow Play or Training:

Shadow is a part of your body as you can say that your own reflection, another you. Shadow Play or Shadow Training includes a series of workouts that help you to enhance the skills. For this kind of shadow practice, you would need the following things:

• Ping pong paddles

If you found no mirror near you then you practice your game by recording your strokes and then analyze the recording. This kind of self-training is very good and important too because it helps you eliminate wrong movements in your strokes. This series practiced without balls because it referred to as shadow practicing. While practicing shadow training, just put on some music and play according to the beats of the songs.

Let’s Start:

Firstly go to the correct playing position. Secondly, you need to bend down on your knees and slightly lean forward. Now keep your feet unevenly one foot apart and firmly hold the handle at the height just above your waist.

1: You need to stand in front of a mirror or video camera for practice.
2: Complete the exercises for a better game.

Exercises For The Better Game:

• Swing and Move (10 mints)
• Forehand Practice (5 mins)
• Backhand Practice (5 mins)
• Forehand Practice (10 mins)
• Backhand Practice (10 mins)

2. Physical Training:

In ping pong or any other game, physical fitness is very important and for a better game or fitness, you just need physical training. If you play away from the table, you will have a good game. To defeat your opponent, you just need to train yourself away from the ping pong table. If you train yourself it will give you a massive advantage.

Physical exercise is part of physical training, this kind of physical exercise makes you active and makes your body quicker and flexible. By this, your speed increases and you can reach towards the ball where did your opponent strike.

 Here are a few physical training exercises and that you can do by yourself: 

Footwork Exercise Training:

Without good footwork exercise, you cannot take your game to the next level and it will increase speed. Go for jogging on a daily basis or runs as far as you can just to develop your leg muscles. This will also help you improve your stamina while playing.

3. Service Practice:

Service practice is an important part of the ping pong game. So, if you are a beginner then you need to practice alone. Firstly, start with basic serves after that gradually move to complex serves. This is because if you playing with your game partner you only focus on knocking and playing more and more matches. While doing this you don’t get enough time to practice serves.

The main aim is the accuracy and the technique. For this, you only need training balls, paddles, and targets. Target is anything in a standing position. Put the targets in the center and also on the sides of the table.

Step 1: Take one ball and start for a small bounce, high enough that cross the net. Preferably, the ball should bounce two times before falling off to the table.

Step 2: Take a break and oblige the ball at your pre-set target.

Step 3: Get back to the ready position around the ping pong table.

Step 4: Now pick another ball and repeat the process.


Always use the same arm movement while doing short or long serves. This can help you for a surprising shot for an opponent and then you can win a point on your own server.

4. Ping pong Table Robot:

This is the world of technology and many things are done with the help of robots. So, ITTF introduces Ping pong robots and these robots have gained vast popularity in current years. The professional players while practicing by themselves use these robots for their self-training and develop their techniques in a ping pong game. These robots are much more like human beings and these robots can accurately place the ball for serves.

Steps to Improve Training:

Step 1: Set the training services on the robot. Prepare the serves based on your practice requirement.
Step 2: Make a start with a slow ball and then gradually increase the speed.
Step 3: After that switch to random ball throw mode, to keep yourself on your toes for a better game.
Butterfly Amicus Professional is the best Ping pong robot currently available in the market for practicing ping pong by yourself.

5. Ping pong Return Board:

  1. If you don’t have a partner and you are doing solo training so ping pong return board is best for you.
  2. If you are wondering how to play ping pong with a return board by yourself, adjust the board according to your interest.
  3. Firstly, you need to improve your coordination and footwork between your eyes, hand, and feet. By this, you can perform a smooth stroke.

6. Watch Match or Training Videos Analysis:

In your spare time, you have to watch training videos and national or international matches. By watching this you will get perceptions on the strategies and techniques used by the best players of ping pong. While watching, you may not able to play like them but you will definitely set some targets if you are serious about it.

Few YouTube Channels:

1) Official ITTF Channel
2) Tomorrow Ping pong


1) What is The Best Way to Practice Ping Pong by Yourself?

Ping pong robots or return board is the best way to learn ping pong skills if you are playing ping pong alone.

2) How Much Do I Spend on Ping Pong Robot if I Want to Buy it?

There is no fixed price for buying a robot, it totally depends on your budget or your level of expertise.

3) What is The Key Factor While Playing Ping Pong Alone?

The main factor about playing ping pong is that you have to play slow and then increase your speed gradually, all matter is speed while playing.


To conclude all this, it is clear that following steps on how to practice ping pong by yourself is very easy or it doesn’t matter either you have a partner or not, or you don’t need any coach for training.

Practicing alone is very good for you, you can keep an eye on the weak points of your and by training, you will improve it.

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