How To Make A Pingpong Table by Your Own With Material

how to make a pingpong table

Ping pong is a well-known game all over the world. As everyone knows, ping pong is an indoor and outdoor game because it is very easy to resemble the ping pong table.

People might ask for How to make a pingpong table who can’t afford the ping pong table. However, we will talk about How to make a ping-pong table. There are many ways to make the ping pong table with old things.

Material Required For How to Make A Pingpong Table:

Firstly, when you planned to make a ping pong table by yourself then probably you need some material to make the table. So, here are some materials and instructions that help you in How to make a pingpong table that is reliable and affordable.

Secondly, this table will be good enough to play together with the family as well as save your money. I really hope that this article will help you and make your plans true. Moreover, this is not so difficult to follow.

Material Required:

  • Wood screws
  • Saw
  • Wood glue
  • Paintbrush and enamel paint
  • Plywood pieces should be a quarter-inch thick and in measurement should be 5/5 feet
  • Two 2/2 lumber pieces
  • 6 inches tall net
  • Clamps
  • Masking tape
  • Hammer


However, you might be thinking about the dimensions of the ping pong table. Then I would love to tell you that the tables are five feet wide, nine feet long, and thirty inches high. Moreover, having the capacity to build your own ping pong table then it will become more economical since many individuals cannot afford to purchase a ping pong table.

How to Make A Pingpong Table:

This is the time to make the ping pong table with the help of the material which I have mentioned above. This is really simple and easy to make your own table. Here are simple steps that you have to follow to make the table.

  • Firstly, you have to start with the base of the ping pong table. However, you have to create the table with the help of the planks of 2/2 lumbers. You can do this by cutting two pieces of lumber of 9 by 5 feet each.
  • Moreover, you have to take care of the pieces of lumber that you are using them 9 feet as the length and two pieces of the 5 feet as width. Secondly, attach them with each other by using the wood screw in order to form a rectangular frame.
  • When the base is formed, you have to make the tabletop with the help of plywood pieces. Moreover, each plywood should be 5 by 4 feet.
  • Lay those on the base of the table which you have created, the seam in between them should be in the middle of the table. Thirdly, secure the plywood with the help of clamps and wood glue. Let the glue dry leave it for some minutes.
  • However, it is time to get the wood of sizeable thickness of at least 2/2 inches. So that you can use these to obtain ping pong table legs.
  • Now, you have cut the four of them by the 2/2 boards into legs. As you know, the ping pong table has a height of 30 inches. So, you have to make it 30 inches tall minus the thickness of the tabletop.

Last points for How to Make A Pingpong Table:

  • However, while you are attaching the legs ensure that if the tabletop is a quarter-inch then the height of the legs should be 29 and 3 quarters inches. Then attach the legs to the tabletop with the help of the screws.
  • Now, it’s time to paint the table. Choose your favorite color and paint the table with the help of brushes. Wait until it dry. Now, use the masking tape, paint a white line ¾ inches wide on the edges of the table. Mark the center of the table and make the centerline.
  • Finally, it’s time to attach the six inches net at the center of the table and make it secure with the help of the clamps. However, get the paddles, balls, and yes a partner to play ping pong with you.

What Is The Best Material to Make A Table?

However, it is unimportant what kind of material you are using to create your own tennis table. Therefore, it is also unimportant that you are purchasing high-quality plywood and it would be a good choice. Above all, all kinds of softwood can be used for the making of a table and the other stuff as well.

How Much Does it Cost to Make A Ping Pong Table?

You might be worried about the average cost of the ping pong table. However, the ping pong table design can vary depending on the type of material you are using. Moreover, you can choose to have a budget of $150-$400 to make a good ping pong table it might take less too as I said depends on your design.

How Long Does it Take to Assemble A Ping Pong Table?

Most of the people asked how much time it takes to assemble the table. However, Patience is the key to everything when it comes to assembling a DIY tennis table it will just take you 10 to 15 minutes if you give importance and all your focus on your table.  Moreover, you can give it anywhere. You just need to assemble your table and play.

What are Ping Pong Tables Made of?

If we talk about the other tables which peoples usually buy from the market then those table design that is up to international standards are made of wood. However, there are a lot of options that you can choose from your choice or preferences. Moreover, it can include plastic, fiber-glass, metal, or concrete depending on the budget you have and it does not matter from which material you are creating the table.

What Is The Best Wood For The Ping Pong Table?

Most people used plywood like spruce and pine wood for making their own ping pong table and solve the question How to make a pingpong table. However, these woods are considered the ideal wood because of their softness which offers you the ball good bounce.

Moreover, if you want better quality than this or you can afford it then you can use medium density fiberboard or you can use the fireboard which is mostly used to make the kitchen cabinets.

Above all, I will not suggest you use cherry wood because it can make your all efforts into ashes. However, in cherry wood, the insect grows quickly and the surface is not steady enough which can give you the ball bounce.

Can You Make A Tennis Table With Hard Cardboard?

You can use any of the wood kind but the hard cardboard is not suitable. Because the moisture absorption of the cardboard is relatively strong and mostly it may cause an uneven surface. However, the density of the cardboard is not strong and it also gives an uneven surface and also the slipping surface. Moreover, If you really want to make a table with hard cardboard then you should need to first soak the cardboard in the cellophane solution.

After this, dry it, polish it, and paint it but I will not suggest you make a table with cardboard. However, as you know that the thickness and strength of the cardboard are different from the regular ping pong table wood. Therefore, the bounce of the ball on the cardboard and on the wood is different.

Paint Used For The Tabletop      

You can use the table of your own choice but mostly the surface of the tabletop is usually painted in dark blue or dark green color. However, I will recommend you to use anti-glare paint so that light will not reflect on the table. Moreover, you have to use the paint that is ideal to paint on the table. These should be those paints that have good wear resistance and high hardness you can use like automotive paint.

However, the color for the lines should be white color. You can also use masking tape to stick the pain. Moreover, when you have done paint the table or white lines, you have to wait for the paint to dry and then remove the masking tape and your paint is done. Above all, some people use matte polyester paint and it is not bad too. However, the two-color side can be done with the help of masking tape.

Wait until the color is doubled to solidified and then taped with a tape. Moreover, the thickness can be well mastered and there will be no height difference after painting the table but if you double the color it will make your table lifetime double.[/su_box]


In conclusion, we have talked about How to make a pingpong table and about the material required.

I hope that it will help you to make your own table without spending money to buy one. These are really easy and reliable and make your family reunite. Good Luck!

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