How To Make A Ping Pong Table Top For A Pool Table?

How To Make A Ping Pong Table Top For A Pool Table

You want a pool table or you also a tennis table or Ping pong player. So, what is better to have a pool table or to have a Ping pong table but if you find both options in one? So, having a pool table and convert it into a Ping pong table, just after spending some money on it.

Make A Ping Pong Table Top For A Pool Table

We are going to tell you how to convert a Ping pong tabletop into a pool table and how would you do it by yourself. Conversion of ping pong table requires almost 100$ is required or used. So, let’s start the process!

  • 1) Its 1/2″ dark green or blue top supported by 30″ center-mounted steel stiffeners.
  • 2) Side stripes help align the Ping pong top properly.
  • 3) Sponge rubber strips protect rails and hold the Ping pong tabletop in place
  • 4) Playing surface sizes: 5′ W x 9′ D.
  • 5) Fits 7′ and 8′ pool tables.
  • 6) The weight tabletop is 110 lbs. while the shipping weight of it is 118 lbs.
Things You Need:
  • 1) 1 – 4×8′ or 3/4″ wooden board
  • 2) Stain – used Weathered Oak and Dark Walnut
  • 3) Polyurethane – used Triple Thick Polyurethane
  • 4) Painters Tape
  • 5) 4 – 1/4″ Wood Insert Lock Nuts
  • 6) 4 – 1/4″ x 1/2″ Coarse Thread Hex Bolts
  • 7) 2 – 5″ Corner Brace
  • 8) 1- 1/4″ Machine Screw
  • 9) 1- 1/4″ Hex Nut
  • 10) 1 Can of Black Spray Paint
  • 11) Ping Pong Table Net
  • 12) Grip Tape

 How To Make A Ping Pong Table Top For A Pool Table? 

1. Cut the Wooden Board First:

So, first, take a thin wooden board and cut it into two equal halves. Take the measurements carefully.

2. Pre-Drill One Piece of Wooden Board :

As you have now two pieces of the wooden board, take one of them. For the installation of the wood insert, we are going to pre-drill the board. So, we can’t start the installation, we are just pre-drilling it and will install wooden inserts later in the coming step.

We have to drill a hole that is smaller than the insert. Now it’s time to use the corner braces to figure out the placement. Take one of the 5’’ corner braces and place it on the edge of the board and mark the hole.

3. Smoothness:

We smoothed with 80, 120, and then quickly go to the whole table with 220.

4. Stain and Paint:

Dye the table and paint the corner braces and hex bolts. You need a simple design for the tabletop, we do it with a simple design of a single stripe. You start with the smoothness of the entire top with Weathered Oak.

So, once that dry so now you add tape down the center of the wooden board. We hold a straight 1×2 and compressed it on top of the tape. Moreover, then you have to run a razor blade on either side next to the tape. This will prevent the flow of a darker color.

If your blade cuts some of your tapes, make sure to remove the extra before staining.
So, then stain on both sides of the tape. Once the stain is dry, remove the tape and disclose your clean line down the middle

5. Apply a Top Coat:

Now start applying the polyurethane according to instructions given on the can. As we use a thin wooden board so we choose the triple thick polyurethane because we want a good thick layer in just two coats. Firstly, do one coat and once the first coat was fully dry, we smoothed the wooden board with 220 to make sure it was good and smooth before applying the second coat.

6. Installation of Wood Inserts Lock:

Now place a hex nut on the end of the machine screw and insert them into the wood insert. You want to adjust the hex nut so that it is level with the top of the wood insert and it allows the machine screw to be almost central to the wood insert.
Using this, you can attach the wood insert into your pre-drilled holes. Be careful to attach the insert straight.

7. Apply Grip Tape:

Now add grip tape to the other side of your Ping pong table top and that is a side that touches the pool table side. This will help avoid grazing your pool table and make sure that the ping pong topper stays in place. Place the grip tape near the edge, where the wooden board will be sitting on the pool table bars.

8. Installation:

So, pull together your table for play is easier than you think, no tools are required. Place your Ping pong tabletop on the pool table. Mark your supports up with the wood inserts and attach them to the hex bolts by hand. So, then place your net around the supports.

Moreover, then when you are done playing, you just remove the net, unattached the bolts, and remove the support by yourself.


To sum up, all this as we did the DIY of Ping pong table into a pool table and believe me it is so easy to do so it will take less time in assembling or dissembling the Ping pong table into a pool table.

So, you just need a partner because it is not easy to do alone. So, do it by yourself and have fun.

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