How Much Space Do You Need For A Ping Pong Table?

How Much Space Do You Need For A Ping Pong Table

Ping pong (table tennis) is an indoor game. As an indoor game Ping pong can a great way to stay active. You can play Ping pong at home at any time. And you can also play this game if you are even not physically fit. So, a Ping pong table provides fun indoors even, when the weather outdoors is less than cooperative or not suitable to plan something outdoor. So, the Space required for Ping pong set according to the given standard.

Most people think of having a Ping pong table at their office or home. But the first question that strikes in their mind is that How Much Space do you required for a Ping pong Table?

 Well, Ping pong is a sort of entertainment, it can make you physically active by not going anywhere. 

But the only downside,  that most people face is thinking about the space is that You require to place the Ping pong table. So, this article will help you to solve all the questions that strike in your mind; while taking a Ping pong table at home, etc.

Space Factors:

The Ping pong table will take a lot of space, So it is important to have free Space required for Ping pong to hit the ball easily by both ends. So, if any one of you wants to buy a full-size table of 9 ft. in length and 5 ft. in width, Then you need a clear space of a minimum of 19 ft.

or 108’’ long and 11 ft. or 60’’ wide; so, it is the official size of Ping pong table regulation by ITTF. For playing table tennis, It is important to have free space in the room for the ping pong table in order to have fun, a good experience, or proper enjoyment.

Standard Ping pong Table Dimension:

If you are fresher, then 5.5 or 6 feet behind each end line. And 3.3 feet sideline respectively is more than enough to have fun or to play the game well.

But if you are planning to buy a standard official size Ping pong table, Then more 3.3 feet space is required behind and 1.65 feet aside, If you have 9.3 feet on both ends or 6.6 feet on both sides then you will definitely have comfortable space for the game.

How Big Room is Require for Advance or Pro Players?

So, now you are thinking about the room,  How big is the room for advance or pro players, So it is clear that if the player is pro then the player must take more space. If you ever see an international or national game of Ping pong, Then you see that the pro players don’t play near the table mostly.

So, the size of the table is 39.4 feet in length and 16.4 feet wide on the national level. So, if your Ping pong game room size somehow matches the given size then you can easily do a game. Space should not be less than 33 feet long or 13 feet in width.

Room Height:

If you consider the height of the room to make it clear that the room ceiling must not low. If the room’s ceiling is low then you feel difficulty while bouncing the ball. So, the room ceiling must high enough to bounce the ball easily. Ideally, the room’s height should be 10 feet or 3 meters.

So, one more thing that you keep in mind. While selecting a room is that the ceiling must not be a mess for the Ping pong game we need a plain ceiling.

How Much Space required for Ping pong Beginners?

-Space required for Ping pong:

As space is the main problem and a barrier between good games, So keeping in mind the suitability of the Ping pong aficionados in mind, they have manufactured the Ping pong table in such a way that it needs less space. The table made in such a way; that table can be divide into two equal halves, it is also named a folded table. It is a multi-purpose table that can also be used for playing cards and many other games.

The manufacturing of this Ping pong table gives us many benefits, Like it is space-saving, takes less space, and the smooth tabletop and is supported by aprons and sturdy legs, the smoothness of the table gives a perfect bounce. This table is expensive but there are many companies which are cost-efficient and their quality is good. So, if you face problems in adjusting the room side then try these folded tables.

How Much Space required for Ping pong Doubles Games?

-Space required for Ping pong:

If you are supporting a large family or most of the friends visit your house for playing a lot of double games, Then surely you are looking for an ideal space required for Ping pong is of 24ft x 14ft, Minimum requirement along the line of 19ft x 11ft but only younger players can play in this area.

If children start playing in this area, they definitely damage something Or get injured on their own while swinging for the ball. The only pro players, who develop their game or have control over the ball are recommended to have the double game. Otherwise, it may cause them to damage the table tennis table, the surrounding walls, or even each other.

Common Questions about Ping pong Room Size

How big the room require for placing the Ping pong table?

If you want to purchase a ping pong table so the dimensions; are 2.74 m long, 1.525 m wide (9 x 5 feet).

How can we manage to play this game at home?

At home, you need a proper space and before purchasing, You need to take all the measurements of the room and clear all the mess around the table.

What if you don’t have proper space inside the house?

If you don’t have a proper space inside the house; then definitely you go out for playing but it will be difficult if there is wind. But on a sunny day, it will be great fun to play out.

Is there a smaller size table available in the market?

Yes, the midsize table is available in the markets, it takes less space or easily moveable; fun gaining while playing on it.


To conclude all this before buying a table use tape to mark the size on the floor. Have a look at the space remaining behind and notice that there is no mess in the room.

Take the measurement carefully. Take the measurement and check before ordering is the most responsible thing to do so be careful.

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