How Much Does A Ping Pong Table Cost in 2021

How Much Does A Ping Pong Table Cost

It will be a dream of any ping pong player that he should have a good ping pong table. However, if you are looking out there for a good ping pong table then there will a lot of choices for you. While looking for a good ping pong table you might think that “How much does a ping pong table cost.”

Moreover, ping pong tables have not the same price these are priced differently according to their specification. If you are buying online or not your budget matters a lot. You will buy which you can afford if you exceed then it might affect your finance a lot.

How Much Does A Ping Pong Table Cost?

As you know, the price of the ping pong table is based on the variety of the table or the specifications of the table. The question How much does a ping pong table cost depends on your own.

However, indoor tables can be bought in the range of 150$ to 400$. Moreover, the outdoor tables can be bought in the range of 400$ to 700$. Above all, Conversion tops in the range of 200$ to 300$ and high end, the luxury or premium table can be bought in the range of 1000$ and above.

Most of the manufacturers keep versatility in their products and some of them just stick to the premium one and accordingly decides how much does a ping pong table cost.

Choosing The Best Ping Pong Table:

However, everyone tries to find out the best value for anything that we buy it does not matter what it is. Therefore, I am not saying that the price should be the most important thing that might affect your decision when it comes to the best product to buy. Here are some important factors that matter and It will help you to buy a good ping pong table according to your specifications.


Firstly, how much small or large a table you need? More often than not, this depends on the space that is available in your game room. However, if we talk about the standard size of a ping pong table then it is 9 x 5 x 2.5 feet.

Moreover, this can depend on who is playing or the amount of space available in your game room. Secondly, I prefer bigger tables for beginners because there is a larger area to play in. So, the larger area will minimize the likelihood that the ball will be off.


Moreover, It will be a good thing if the table offers you portability. If it is providing you the opportunity to have it easily moved from one place to another then it will be much easier for you to align the table anywhere. However, these tables offer mobility which is more expensive.

Those tables which can be easily folded, are with lockable wheels to fold them easily. Above all, the more expensive ones are durable and the amazing thing is that they are light weighted.


Firstly, the material is very important because it has a great impact on the overall quality of the product. However, if it is made up of cheap material then you can save money but the problem is that it won’t last long and might possible that you will face difficulties in your gameplay.

Moreover, Plywood, fiberglass, concrete, metal, and particle board are some of the most common materials that will not waste your money and time,


Generally speaking, thicker tables are much better than thinner tables while playing ping pong. However, it will be more expensive as the thicker it is, but it should be sure to be worth the money. Moreover, if we talk about average the table will have a thickness that ranges from 12 mm to 25 mm.

What happens if the table is too thin? Then it might possible that the ability of the ball to bounce will be affected and your game will go to be worse.


Last but not the least; you have to sure about the main purpose of the ping pong table that you will buy. However, if it is for young or novice players then you can settle for entry-level tables that will not hurt them. On the other hand, if you are an advanced player or an experienced player then you should choose a table that matches your skills. This is specifically made for competitions.

Different Types of Ping Pong Tables

There are a lot of tables and all of them are not suitable for each of the players. It depends on the area you are playing and also your age and as well as you are a beginner or advanced player. There are three primary table types for the ping pong table.

  • Indoor tables
  • Outdoor tables
  • Conversion tops

Indoor Tables:

Table tennis from its origin was an indoor game. However, the main reason to play inside that any kind of weather can affect the ball and it can make the gameplay worst.

As you know, the ball is lightweight even the slight wind can affect the speed of the ball. Moreover, even the rain can spoil your game because it affects the bounce of the ball.

Above all, if you want to spend time with your family then you should play ping pong with your family. You should buy an indoor table which you can keep anywhere in your game room. The best table for indoor, JOOLA inside stored less space and also reliable.

If you want a ping pong table for your office then it should be the indoor table.

Outdoor Tables:

As I have said before that playing outside is challenging than playing ping pong indoor. The outdoor ping pong game has to bear a lot of weather whims and environmental conditions.

These environmental changes affect the table too it makes them damaged soon. So, most of the manufacturers keep this in mind and construct with the durability of the table.

The material which will use will be tested that it can stand in harsh climate conditions or not. It should not be damaged or undergo corrosion in unsteady weather. Therefore, the extra efforts make It more worthy.

However, an outdoor ping pong table is long-lasting. And the price of a table tennis table is slightly more than an indoor table. Moreover, Outdoor tables are suitable for homes and offices which don’t have a game room or space in their houses and offices.

Conversion Top:

However, If you are a fan of the new things then conversion tops are the ideal choice. There are some ping pong lovers but they don’t have much space in their house. And not outside then they can buy the conversion top.

Moreover, if they don’t have space in their room or house then they can place the conversion top on the dining table. Instead of buying the full table, you can buy only the conversion top that might help you to free up space.


How Much Should I Spend on A Ping Pong Table?

This question carries many answers. it can depend on your budget that how much you can afford. Moreover, If you like the expensive table but you can’t buy it then buy what you can afford. It does not matter how much do you pay. Furthermore, You have bought a giant table and expensive and you don’t have a place to assemble it.

So, before buying the table you check your budget and place to assemble it. Moreover, the indoor and outdoor table price starts from 300$ to 700$. You can get a good table in this range and have good gameplay.

How Much Should I Invest in A Ping Pong Table to Make it The Center of Attraction For My Place?

There are tables which look beautiful and as well as having a good product. If you want your table a center attraction in your place then you should buy the premium table. Premium tables can be bought at the price of 1000$ and more.

Moreover, make sure that you can afford it and make it the center of attraction for your place. Planned your budget before buying this table but if you bought this table then you will be happy to play on this.

Should I Buy an Indoor Or An Outdoor Table?

I will leave this to your choice because it depends on what you want. If you want to be an experienced player then you should buy an indoor table. Or if you have a game room to play or enough space in your room then you can freely buy the indoor table.

However, if you are buying a table to just play with your friend and family then your outdoor table is perfect for you. Or if you have not enough space in your room or not have a game room then you can buy the outdoor table.

Which Type of Table is Best?

All the types of tables are best. The thing matter is how much you can afford for the table. Indoor and outdoor and conversion table top have their own specifications. Every table is best in its own place it depends on you what type of table you want.


In conclusion, I would say that it does not matter how bad you can play or how good you can play it all based on the table. If you are a beginner then you should buy a big table. And if you are an advanced player then you should buy the table which is used for competition.

However, how much does a ping pong table cost? This depends on what kind of table you want to buy and it might be an indoor table, outdoor table, or conversion top. Every table has its own specification and qualities. These depend on the material and specifications that you want.

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