How Much Do Ping Pong Players Make

How Much Do Ping Pong Players Make

You might be thinking about that How much do ping pong players make? Or how much money the ping pong players can make? So, let’s begin with this question and know about the salary of the Ping pong player.

As everyone knows that the Ping pong is a worldwide playing game. Everyone has their own interest some go for cricket, some for tennis, and some for table tennis which is called the ping pong game.

However, like other players of the other games the Ping pong players has not enough salary. The other players of the other games usually make a handsome amount. But usually, ping pong players make money from the tournaments and other prizes but their salaries are not so high in amount.

How to Know About The Salary:

Moreover, when we start gossips with our family or friends or anyone who has a great interest in sports they used to ask about our favorite sportsman or woman. Then we will just split up and start talking about their looks and money as well.

Above all, when we talk about professional players How much do Ping pong players make? Here we are talking about professional players then I will excitedly saying that they can make a lot of money. Professional players who are not famous or you can say that who are not the top players cannot make so much money without the tournaments or prizes.

Average Salary:

As we know that ping pong is an indoor game and this is the most enjoyable and entertaining game. Those players who are professional in the game can make a handsome amount in their profession. Moreover, they can make money by winning the tournament and winning prizes. These things make the amount really good.

Is not it? As we google it, in 2010, the Bureau of Labor Statistics lists has shown that the average of athletes in spectator sports at $104,470.However,  I have mentioned before that salary is not the only source to get the money but there are tournaments which are the main advantage of increasing money.

How Much Do Ping Pong Players Make By The Winning Prizes:

As this is heartbreaking that their earnings are not so high, this is for me heartbreaking. As the discouraging, the earnings most players have been found to engage at least five competitions for the season. This is only because to make more money and some of them for the trophies. The Bureau of labor statistics has made lists that these players can earn per season in the range of $3,000 to $35,000.

This might look not like so high amount for a player. Above all, you will be surprised to know that the $3000 could be the prize of winning the tournament or you can say that the playing all and win some of the games it will be around about $35,000. However, it seems good but there are a lot of difficulties which the players have to face during the tournament.

How Much Do Ping Pong Players Make Money From Tournaments?

This is because there are also professional players who are playing against them. So, it will be difficult to win easily. As we take the example of Ma Long, this player can earn around about $40,000 or even more than this and also earns from sponsoring. However, if you look before in 2017. There were twelve events that were high in quality in the ITTF world tour within regular events and also the Six Platinum events.

For these regular events, the offer to the player was $70,000, and for the platinum event that was $120,000.The price has been improved since 2011 when there was prize amount of winning a European tournament was $114.400. However, if the player is winning the counter-strike prize pot he will get the total price of $77,000.

Moreover, from last year ITTF tournament has increased the $200 per match for each player and $750 prize for attending the finals.

Purse Money:

Be like boxing, golf, and cycling, the professional ping pong player should play tournaments. And win them to secure their future and live a healthy life.

However, there was an article in February 2011 for yahoo sports in this article. It was written the earning between $3,000 and $ 35,000 per win during regular-season matches. This article has shown that there will be around $40,000 can be earned by the player.

A Closer Look For How Much do Ping Pong Player Make?

Is it the ping pong is considered the national pastime this is not most popular in china. According to the article I have mentioned above, it is customary for Chinese players just to pass their time and earn salaries.
Above all, you will believe that out of ten top players six of them are Chinese. Is not it just amazing?


In conclusion, you can say that the amount of salary of a player will be around about $40,000, and to win a tournament they can make a lot of money. This is how the players can live their lives by their salary amounts.

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