How Many Cups in Beer Pong

How Many Cups in Beer Pong

Do you want to learn to play how to play ping pong beer? How many cups in beer pong? What are the rules of this game? If yes then you should keep reading this article. I hope this might help you. It will be my pleasure if this article will help you.

As you know that bear ping pong is a very famous game it is also called the drinking game. It is based on the competitive team sport and also for the weekend warrior. However, it is how it works it is the way of life.

Moreover, the object of the game is eliminating the opponent’s cups to win before they eliminate your cups. There are some rules which you have to follow to make your game more interesting.

However, if you have a beer pong rack then it will be quite easy for you. If you don’t have it then you just need to arrange the cups in a 6 or 10 cups triangle shape. Then the next step is to fill the beer pong cups about ¼ or 1/3 with the bear. Place an extra cup that should be filled with water. It is just for rinsing off your balls.

How to Play Beer Pong

Beer Pong Player And Pieces Of Equipment:

  • There are two teams
  • Each team consists of two people
  • 8 x 2 size beer pong table or you can use any level surface of the table
  • 22 plastic cups in beer pong
  • 10 for each team and 2 cups are for water cups.
  • At least 2 balls require, if you are using more than 2 then it is better
  • Beer or you can use the other drink

Setting up For Beer Pong And How Many Cups in Beer Pong:

However, when you are setting up for the beer pong you have to arrange the ten cups in the pyramid shape but you have to arrange them at the end of the table.

Moreover, fill each cup with the desired amount of the beer or what you like to drink which you want.

Beer Pong Tables And How Many Cups in Beer Pong:

If you want to play in the official way you have to get the table or play on an 8 x 2 size table or you can use any flat table.

How Many Cups in Beer Pong:

However, standard beer pong cups are 16oz, but it does not mean that you have to choose the same size. You can use the part cups like 36oz and 110oz.

Beer Pong Rules:

Moreover, if you are a good player or pro player in beer pong. Every game has some rules which you have to follow this game also has some rules. I have tried my best to provide you the most basic and commonly accepted rules. The rules provided below have fun playing the beer pong and share your experience with us.

Start Your Beer Pong Game:

However, one of the team players will be selected to start the initial throw. This will help to start the game and goes to the actual gameplay. Moreover, the game will be started to look into each other eyes, the chosen competitor player then count to three and they throw at the same time.

However, if only one of them has made his shot then their team goes first. Moreover, if both of the players have missed their shot then they will repeat the procedure.

If this procedure seems difficult to you then you can simply flip the coin to go for the first shot. However, after the first game and you are playing another game then the winning game takes the first throw in the next game.


In this game, every team of beer pong has to shot twice per turn. Therefore, each player took one shot of each team. However, if both of the players make their shot then they get their throwbacks again, and they get the teams to receive another turn.


Above all, the ball can be tossed into the cup. When a ball tossed or bounced that sinks will be worth one cup which one lands in. However, when a bounced shot sink it worth two cups and this will be the shot that was made and another from the pyramid.

Sinking Cups:

So, as you may know, that the beer pong cup is sunk as soon as the ball touches the cup’s content. When any of the cups sunk into the beer cup it must be immediately removed from the table and the opponent team has to drink that cup’s content.

Moreover, it is not necessary that one has to drink any of the team members can drink the cup’s content. This process will make the game interesting.

There is a rule about sinking the cups is keeping an eye on your cups that have been sunk but are still no drinking. If the opposite team sinks the ball in the beer cup and you are drinking the cups then the game will be over.

However, if one cup is sunk, and then the next player shoots at the same time and he hits the same cup this process will end the game. Moreover, if any of the cups accidentally knocked over will be considered sunk.

Re-Racking & Formations:

When a team is allowed to request a “re-rack” at the end of the turn in order to maintain a compact shape then each team gets two re-rack per game. This re-rack can be used at any time.

However, the is official rule when you take one re-take there will be 6 cups remaining. Moreover, the other re-racks can a team have when 2 or 3 cups remain. If you are playing with six cups then there will be only one re-rack for one team in one game.

There is a rule when you take re-take or when you cannot take re-take.

  • You don’t take re-rack if you are shooting during throwbacks.
  • You don’t re-rack during a redemption round.

Beer Pong Formations:

When there are 6 cup beer pong formations

  • Marching with 2 rows of 3 cups
  • Triangle, It should be a pyramid of 6 cups

When there are 4 cup beer pong formations

  • Diamond
  • Square

When there are 3 cups of beer pong formations

  • Triangle, should be a pyramid of 3 cups
  • A traffic light which has to be a single row of cups

When there are 2 cups of beer pong formations

  • Double which has a single row of 2 cups

Fingering/ Bowling:

You might have heard about the expression guy’s fingers. However, at the beginning of the game, bitches blow during a rule summary. Fingering is used when the ball is spinning inside the cup and then It just has blown out by the opposite team.

It is specially used at the beginning of the game and it is fingering and blowing count of the game. This is due to the cheapness of the rule and the easiness of a player to blow out the ball and it is useful to take the ball out.

However, it is used when even has come into the contact with the beer. Above all, if you don’t believe me then try it out by putting the ball into the cup and blowing it out. Moreover, it is not difficult at all it is especially for those whose ball drowns in the cup.

Game Ending Situations:

How the game-ending situations? There are some reasons, firstly, when a team eliminates and there is remaining the last beer pong cup of the opposite team then they did not win yet.

Moreover, if the defending team has a redemption round then each player will get a turn. Redemption rounds! Redemption rounds are the shoot until you miss your shot. However, what will happen if the opposite team sinks the remaining cups in the redemption round? It is clear that overtime will be forced.

Moreover, what happened when the team is not able to force the games into overtime? Then they simply lose the game they will also be responsible for drinking all the beer in the cups or whatever content you have poured into the cups. These cups include the opposite team cups and their cups.


If the team has forced the game into overtime then each team has to set up three cups in a triangle and filled them with the content whatever you want. It can be beer or any of the content. However, one of the teams who hit the last cup which forces overtime will shoot first.

What do you think that overtime is? Overtime is nothing special it is played like the normal game but there is no re-racks option. Moreover, double or triple overtime will be necessary to win the game.


What Are The Official Rules Of Beer Pong?

Beer pong is generally played by two teams when one team is throwing a ball they took a shot or they toss with the coin,

Can You Get Drunk From The Beer Pong?

Yes, you can be drunk from the beer pong when you lost the game you will have to drink all of the cups.

Can You Use The Other Content Instead of The Beer?

Yes, you can use the other content instead of the beer. If you don’t want to use the beer you can use the juice or other content which you like the most.

What Happens if You Make 2 Balls in One Cup in Beer Pong?

When there will be a situation when both of the teams put the ball in the same cup then it will be the death cup and the opposing team will automatically lose the game.

Which Types of Beer Pong Balls Are Used?

You can use any color ball but you have to use the small-sized ball which can easily get into the cup.


In conclusion, I simply will say that here are some official rules and how to play the beer pong. If you are looking for the gameplay or anything about the game then you can check here. How many cups in beer pong? We have also talked about this. Keep smiling and shining!

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