Can You Lose on A Serve in Ping Pong?

Can You Lose on A Serve in Ping Pong

Serve is the most advantageous thing from which you can get points. However, all the beginners and the intermediates look for knowledge of how much they can get. Most of the people asked about can you lose on a serve in ping pong. So, the answer you will know by reading the article.

Firstly, we should know about some of the rules and regulations which might help you to know more about ping pong and the serve. However, this game looks so straight and easy but it has some rules which you need to follow. Secondly, when you know about the rules you will find ping pong a little bit difficult.

How Can You Lose on A Serve In Ping Pong?

The serve is one of the most important factors which a player should know. Yes, you can lose on a serve in ping pong, but if you follow rules and play well you will not lose the game because of serve. Regarding the service, we are here to tell you the factors which might be able to make you lose or win. let’s take a look at these rules.

Legal Serve Rules:

Legal service has some rules which are developed by the ITTF. Any professional player or other players need to follow these. So, let’s take a look at these rules.

  • By starting the service, the ball should be laying on the hand of the player who is going to serve.
  • The player who is going to serve should project the ball vertically without any sping, and it should be 16 centimeters after fleeing the palm.
  • When the ball falls from the hand the player should immediately hit the ball. One more thing, the ball should hit the server’s court and then the opponent player’s court.
  • From the beginning of the service, the ball should remain from the playing surface.
  • At the moment when the ball is projected, the other hand of the server and ball should be withdrawn between the net and the ball.
  • However, the player is responsible for executing the serve.
  • If the service is invalid then the umpire or the assistant will determine.
  • Moreover, if they are not sure about the legality of the service then will halt the play and give a warning to the players.
  • However, the umpire can relax the rules and regulations only for legal services.

Can You Really Lose On A Serve?

If I say yes then there will be no claim in that. This is a very complicated topic which many of the players don’t understand. However, if the service is illegal the player deserves the warning and also the subsequent point loss.

Any of the players  can lose a point in service if they:

  • if they toss the ball upwards smoothly but failed to strike it
  • Or they have struck the ball in the wrong way
  • It might possible they did not project the ball according to the given height or straight enough.
  • did not hit the ball as it ascends
  • A player strikes the ball and it land somewhere else instead of the table
  • A player strikes the ball and it land off correctly but failed to hit the opponent’s side of the table.

These are the term how can you lose on a serve in ping pong and there are many more according to the ITTF. These are the most frequently and used terms that you need to follow.

What Happens If You Miss A Serve in Ping Pong?

If you are playing ping and you miss the services then you will definitely lose the point.

What is A Let Serve in The Ping Pong?

When you play service and the ball hits the net then it will be called the let serve which means you need to replay this service.


In conclusion, we will wind up things. I hope that you have found the answer to your question that how can you lose on a serve in ping pong.

However, if you are new to this game and you want to be a good player then you should follow the rules and regulations which are made by the ITTF. Keep reading our article for more knowledge and enjoy your playing. Thank You!

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